Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Overdue Fine and Replacement Charge Policy

Borrower Responsibilities

  • Borrowers are responsible for returning all borrowed library materials, equipment, and software on, or before, each item’s due date.

    Note: Hazy Library attempts to routinely notify borrowers of near-due and overdue status of borrowed items. This is a courtesy and not a requirement of the Hazy Library.
  • ERAU students, faculty, staff, and community borrowers are responsible for payment of fines and replacement charges, as applicable.

Overdue Fine and Replacement Charges

  • When an item is not returned on time, the borrower will be charged an overdue fine.
  • When the item reaches the maximum fine because it is not returned, the borrower will be charged a $5 processing fee, the overdue fine and the cost of replacing the item. The replacement charges are calculated per current market price and value, if available.
  • Suspended borrowing privileges: Borrowing privileges are suspended when a borrower has 5 overdue items or owes $10.00 in fines. For more information, please see our Borrowing and Loan Policy.
Overdue Fine Charges
Material Type Fine Rate **Business Days Before Replacement Cost Charged Maximum Fine
** Business days are days which the library is open.
Books $0.25 / day 28 days $14
CDs and DVDs $0.25 / day 28 days $14
Equipment and Software $2.50 / day 10 days $25
Student Laptops $1.00 / hour 1 day (24 hrs) $24
Athletic Laptops $2.50 / day 10 days $25
Recalled Items $3.00 / day 3 days -- after recall placed $9
Limited Checkout: Reserve, Reference, Journals $1.00 / hour 1 day (24 hrs) $24
Interlibrary Loan $3.00 / day 5 days $15
Yavapai Library Network All fines and maximum charges are charged in accordance to each participating library’s policy.

Payments and Credits

  • Library materials, equipment and software: Fines are due and payable in cash at the Check-Out Desk. Fines for ERAU students may be cross-charged to student accounts.
  • Overdue Fines cannot be credited. Replacement charges may be credited when items are returned in acceptable condition.