Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


General Information

[+] Where can I park at the Library?

[+] Are food and drink allowed in the Library?

[+] When is the Library open?

[+] Where are the group study areas in the Library?

[+] Is there a quiet place to study in the library?

[+] Where are the copy machines in the library?

[+] Are cell phones allowed in the library?

[+] Where is the Library Lost and Found?

[+] Is there a fax machine for use in the Library?

[+] Is there a typewriter for use in the Library?

Library Collections

[+] Is anyone allowed to use the Hazy Library Collections?

[+] How are the Hazy Library collections organized?

[+] How do I obtain something I need if it is NOT in the Hazy Library collections?